About Us

The Journey of Brendon and Top Boreholes

How We Started

Despite facing difficulties in school due to his ADHD condition, Brendon used his energy and drive to start a successful lawn-mowing business in his neighbourhood with a trailer and bicycle at the age of 13. While still attending school, he managed to expand his business by hiring two employees to help with lawn maintenance during the week Brendon’s dedication was evident as he sometimes had to take care of gardens alone on Saturdays, helping him develop a strong work ethic and a keen interest in entrepreneurship. One of the biggest challenges he faced when starting his business was not having a driver’s license because of his age, but he remained undeterred and determined to succeed.

 He worked hard, invested in his own equipment, and found innovative solutions to overcome this obstacle, eventually expanding into tree felling services and selling his gardening business. In 2010, his father started doing well points, and Brendon gained valuable knowledge and skills working alongside him, which laid the foundation for his future success in the borehole industry. As he was working on tree felling during Cape Town’s water restrictions, he saw an opportunity to grow his business by offering borehole services, recognizing the need for water conservation. Leveraging his experience and skills, he built a reputation for providing quality borehole services, helping clients access reliable and sustainable water sources. Brendon’s dedication to excellence, willingness to adapt to changing market demands, and perseverance have been instrumental in his continued success in the industry.